How we started

The Somm’s Stash was created from a deep passion for making truly exceptional wine accessible. For too long most wines have fallen into two categories, the cheap and unmemorable, or the exclusive and overpriced. Our mission is to bring great wine to everyone, and keep it simple. The experienced wine connoisseur will find our wines to be balanced, complex, memorable and a true expression of the regions they come from. The newer wine enthusiasts will find our wines to be approachable, delicious, exciting, and as I always like to say… uncomplicated.


Purposefully designed to make great wine uncomplicated.

The Somm

A good sommelier is a helper, a guide to finding the best wine for your food and experience. Basically, my job is to drink a lot of wine and know everything about it, I know… it’s a bummer. It’s like having the smartest kid sit next to you in math class, and be really cool with giving you all the answers.

The Wine

Wine’s job is to enhance life, it makes your food taste better and makes it easier to deal with family during the holidays. I’ve carefully selected and crafted the best wines and made them available here, as well as giving you all the info about them so you can sound smart at your dinner party.

The Pairing

Pairing wine and food is an art, certain wines and foods can make each taste better by putting them together. That’s why I’ve given great pairings and serving instructions on every bottle. No more guessing if you should be serving a sauvignon blanc with that beef Wellington. And no…you shouldn’t.


Meet the somm behind the wine


Don’t just drink the wine, taste!

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